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Pre-K 1 Class Learning Goals


Our Learning Goals for Pre- K 1 Classes

We are committed to helping your child grow and learn all they can this year! We know that play is the most natural avenue for children to learn, which is why we have a curriculum based on play, and themes that children find engaging. We are excited for you and your child to be a part of our family!

We believe that when parents and teachers work together children will be successful.


Circle Time/Large Group Skills:

  • Learning classroom routines that allow all children to learn and stay safe

  • Following a daily schedule

  • Months of the Year and Days of the Week

  • Discussing Weather

  • Learning ABC’s and 123’s

  • Songs, Stories and Finger plays

  • Music and Movement Activities

  • Learning to recognize names of themselves and their peers

  • Learning Birthdays

Language and Literacy:

  • Children will be introduced to letters (both uppercase and lowercase) and letter sounds through songs, games and center activities.

  • Children will hear stories and have opportunities to discuss stories and respond to stories through class discussions, pictures and activities.

  • Children will learn to identify rhyming words.

  • Children will learn weekly "vocabulary" words in Spanish and Sign language to work on through the weekly theme.



Fine Motor/Writing:

  • Children will have many opportunities to participate in activities that develop fine motor skills that will lead them to writing.

  • Children have opportunities to draw about what they learn.

  • Children will trace their name and begin to learn to write it on their own.


  • Children will learn to sort and classify objects.

  • Children will learn to count through group games, center activities and daily routines.

  • Children will learn shapes and colors.

  • Children will learn to identify and make patterns.

Social/Emotional Skills:

Self-Help Skills:

Learning Centers that are open to Children Throughout the Week:

  • Children will learn to have confidence in themselves and their abilities.

  • Children will learn good listening skills.

  • Children will learn how to work cooperatively with their peers.

  • Children will learn to be respectful of themselves and others.

  • Children will learn problem solving skills.

  • Children will learn how to deal with their emotions in appropriate ways.

  • Children will learn table manners during meals and snacks.

  • Children will learn good hygiene practices.

  • Children will learn to zip their coat, tie shoes, etc.

  • Creative Art: Children will color, glue, cut and create art projects led by teachers and use their imaginations to create their own as well.

  • Writing: Children will use materials to trace and write letters, words, numbers, etc.

  • Blocks: Children will build with blocks learning problem solving skills, perseverance and develop social skills.

  • Science: Children will use their sensory skills to learn how the world around them works.

  • Math: Children will use manipulatives to count, identify numbers, sort and make patterns.

  • Dramatic Play: Children will learn about the world around them and develop social skills through pretend play.

  • Reading/Literacy: Children will read, listen to and tell stories, put on puppet shows, and explore alphabet activities.

  • Puzzles, Toys and Games: Children will put together puzzles and play with manipulatives that develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination which will help with writing. Children will also learn social skills interacting, taking turns, sharing and playing games cooperatively with peers.

  • Music and Movement: Children will listen to music, play musical instruments and express themselves through singing and dancing.

  • Cozy Corner: This quiet spot helps children learn to take a break and regulate their emotions in the classroom.

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