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Toddler 1 Daily Schedule


Teachers greet children/parents as they arrive and write any special notes about children for the day on the communication board. Teacher engages in free play activities with children in the classroom.

8:00 -8:30

Wash Hands, Breakfast.


Diaper Changes/ Free play Activities with teachers

9:00 - 10:00

Theme Based Large Group Activity

10:00- 10:30

Wash Hands/Snack/Diaper Changes


Circle Time: Shapes, Colors, Songs, etc.


Outside (weather permitting)/Movement Activities


Diaper Changes, Lunch, Getting ready for Nap


Nap Time (Children who wake up early will have a quiet activity to do on their mat)


Quiet Activities while all children wake up/ Diaper Changes


Free play Activities with teachers


Outside (weather permitting)/Movement Activities


Wash Hands/Snack/Diaper Changes


Teachers engage in free play activities with children.

Teacher greets parents as they arrive and shares special information about the day.

Free play activities may include:

  • Coloring activities/Creative Art

  • Playdough

  • Classroom toys on shelves

  • Sensory Bottles/Sensory Play: Magnets, playdough, water, beans, sand, etc.

  • Books

  • Musical Instruments/Songs

  • Movement Activities

  • Blocks/Cars

  • Math: Items for children to sort by color, count, etc.

  • Doll House, Farm, etc. for pretend play

  • Puzzles, and toys that help develop fine motor skills

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